The Gothard Collection

My parents attended their first seminar in 1980. I was raised under the influence of Gothard's teachings from then until Gothard evicted me from IBLP Headquarters in 1999. It has taken many years to wash the ideas of the cult out of my thinking.

Of Isolation and Community (my family's ATI experience)

On Growing Up Modest  ("Eye Traps")

His Quiver Full of Them  (reproduction & birth control)

The Rest of the Story (ATI Wisdom Booklets)

The Political Reach of Gothard

Character First--the 49 Qualities

Gothard's Teaching on Music (a 6-part Series)

Gothard on Education  (High Places)

David Barton: Homespun History

God, Thank You For This Beating

The Stepford Daughters (EXCEL program)

Gothard's Cozy Relationship with Hobby Lobby

Of Beef Stroganoff and Italian Subs (Gothard's dietary rules)

Loaded Language: Speaking Gothardese

Jim Logan: Stephen King of Fundamentalism (strongholds)

Charles Finney: Learning Guilt (Wisdom Booklets)

Jonathan Edwards: Sour Stomach (Wisdom Booklets)

A Snake for a Fish: My ATI Experience

Gothard & College

On Feeling Betrayed, Validated, and Brave

John Stancil--IBLP Board Member

Guest Post: Memories of Knoxville (Mickey Bonner)

IBLP Board of Directors

Investigation of the Indianapolis Training Center (2003)

The Leadership of IBLP

Our Courtship Story--Part One (Oklahoma Training Center)

Is David Gibbs, Jr. Investigating Gothard?

My Life at IBLP Headquarters

The Basic Seminar: Instilling Fear

Other Voices (ATI students speak)

Not On Your Side, Debi (Gothard and Michael Pearl)

Kidneys, Needles, and Y2K (how Gothard fired me from Headquarters)

Taking the Plunge (Gothard's teaching on courtship)

A *Real* Investigation of IBLP (abuses of power at the Institute)

When Apologies Make It Worse (Gothard contacts women he harrassed and/or molested)

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  1. I read your blog years ago before I got out. Thank you!!