Saturday, April 30, 2022

 As I participate in this year's Conference on Religious Trauma, this piece has been inspiring me. 

(Like most of my trauma-inspired art pieces, it sits in the closet. No one wants to look at that every day!)

"Broken", mixed media (2018)

Full piece: 

It's been both empowering and comforting to listen to the conference sessions and remember how far I've come on this journey over the last decade. Here's to more health and heresy!

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  1. Hi Jeri I just came across your blog today when I did a search for Al and Pat Fabrizio who were my parents' child rearing gurus in the 70s and 80s. I knew them, their children, I've been in their home, they were in mine. I can safely say that they screwed up my mom and me and my relationship with her. My Mom (and myself and my brother) followed Pat into Judaism from Christianity (that's another story) as did my Mom's best friend and her 7 children. Need I say that my Mom homeschooled us and her friend with the 7 children did too? I reached out to the daughter of my Mom's friend yesterday on FB and we got to talking about Al and Pat. She said flat out that Pat enjoyed having the control and power over these other women - her mom, my mom and others. How MANY others? I would love to find other children who were raised this way, start a FB support group, but don't know how to track them down. I saw the comments to your post about Al and Pat but am unable to contact any of them through your blog. I don't think I, at least, am going to get any resolution about anything that happened in my childhood because my mother is 73 years old with health issues and doesn't remember half of the things. I think talking to others might help us all feel less alone with it and maybe achieve some closure. In any case, your blog is fascinating and just from the posts I've read, I feel like we have SO much in common! Kinda freaky. I spent 16 years in hard core Christianity and have spent the last 34 years in Judaism. Today I would say I am a very spiritual person but find all organized religion extremely problematic. In any case, should you care to contact me, my email is or on FB: Avigayil Simpson.