Monday, November 3, 2014

One More Day!

You may have heard that tomorrow is Election Day.

Which means there are twenty-four more hours for political phone calls to make a difference. And since Chris and I are currently registered with different parties, and we still have an old-fashioned landline, we get ALL the calls. Yay, us!

I have taken to answering the phone with a cheerful tune: "Would you like to build a snowman?" (they never do) or a long pause followed by a low, breathy whisper: "Whaaaat?" This usually causes the caller to hang up. Other times we just let it go to voice mail.

The real fun begins when our voice mail service sends me a helpful transcript of the recorded message. I will share a few below for your enjoyment. Good times!

(787) 108-7710 emerging you over public on Tuesday the politicians deserve your vote maybe not that you deserve to see barack obama chris when we were able to work together and depressed like every read packing want to see obama here's enjoying. The doctor Milton Wilsonville republican on Tuesday. 

Hi this is Curt around call. I am calling on behalf of independent women voice to respectfully ask for your vote for my friend pat wallace like me how long distance. I am a lot of us out with some other and have not ... the sign the pledge to do everything and not only to repeal obama care for to minimisse his car ... watching people now cleaning want to fix about care. They want to go to the Democrats been blocked every obama here fixing even getting a boat regardless of whether it was a solution to help with frankie Doctor Networks or lost job or canceled plans or increased call Curly's call because what the mall in a hurry. We remain for Jordi. We are at all today. The only way to get those on the fixes to about like irish to change the party the control center building for Pat Robert stills Washington you want to keep your doctor and fire Harry week. So please for the sake of this crazy country bar. So it's about almost on Tuesday was paid for by independent woman's voice is not authorize for any candidate or candidates committee. You can call (202) 857-3293. 

Hi this is Synergetic cruise. I am calling on behalf of the Tea Party Patriots. I am calling her to come out boat on Tuesday for my friend has brought the last six years. Kerry. Reid has been Rocco mama's best friend in congress blocking every piece of good legislation that house republicans. We have a chance on Tuesday to retake the Usa to retire kerry. We can finally order dell palma repeal bill on press steps. We can decide to lie to block in Misty for you legal immigrants from president obama's executive. We stand up to stop the out of control spending in out of control there but we can do that without Robert a descent Kansas he's ground zero in the battle retake the senate and to retire here I understand. Thank frustrated with Washington. I promise nobody's more frustrated with Washington ... the survey's not stay home for those for anybody else other than her because doing so since we keep scary reasons but Jordi instead please vote Tuesday for pat robertson send a message to washington keep your doctor and fire harry ricci. This is paid for by the Tea Party Patriots. This is not authorized by any candidate or candidates committee find out more at Citizens funds dot org. Thank you and God bless. 

Of course, since we voted by mail, none of these calls makes a whit of difference either way.

November 5th cannot come too soon!


  1. Irish? Crazy country bar? Rocco's mama's best friend? Love it.

    That fruit tray looks delicious, by the way.

  2. This is hilarious. I share your loathing of all ads political. This election cannot be over soon enough.

    I think I may have to practice some of those responses. Maybe "let it go" would be more to my liking. In a falsetto. ;)