Sunday, August 10, 2014

Voices From My Closet

I am silken, draping, flowing, smooth.
I am sheer. I am light. I shimmer and glow.
I am quiet, casual but observant. I am earth tones and freckles, amber and wood, paisleys and plaids.
I am unpolished and nubbly, knitted, twisted, layered, ruched, ruffled, fringed. I am leather and wool, sweaters and corduroy. I am soft. And warm. And deep.
I am bold and loud. I am colors bright and prints writ large. I emphasize and contrast. Black as night, I show you as fair; white as clouds in a summer sky, I turn your ivory skin to honey.
I am unpredictable and inconsistent and sometimes rebellious. I am horizontal stripes. I am skinny jeans hugging your curves. I am white shoes in winter. I am youthful yet sage, and retro with a dash of vintage. I am square buttons. I am hats, beads, gloves, and the occasional rhinestone.
I am swinging, loose, in motion. I sway to comfort. I sway to entice. I sway because I feel life’s beating pulse and want to dance while I can.
I am shapely, secure, self-aware. I am attractive. Inviting. Flirtatious. Daring.
          Garbed, I must choose from among these voices.
          But disrobed, I reverberate with all of them and more.