Thursday, September 26, 2013

Beauty in the Heartland

Today I am taking a break from working on serious posts. Today I am savoring the beauty around me: the natural beauty of the heartland, beauty created by those who care in my community, the fun of getting to know a new friend, the comfort of spending time with my husband and best friend, pride in my children as they explore and mature, a relaxing audio book from the library, entertainers that make me laugh, photos that document the beauty I've noticed this month.

This year our usually clear sky has been dotted with clouds far more often than is normal for around here. When I call attention to the gorgeous piles of cotton in the blue overhead, my daughter rolls her eyes, "It's just water vapor, Mom." Exactly! What a treat to see sunlight bouncing off piles of water vapor! 

One morning this week I just had to stop and snap a photo of the bank of clouds lined up low on the western horizon.

Then I headed to the nature center to sit on a bench by the pond, sipping hot coffee, nibbling a fresh pumpkin spice donut, and celebrating the first chilly morning of autumn. I have finally come to appreciate a certain loveliness in the prairie.

And this morning I introduced a new friend to one of my favorite garden places. 

Recently, my family and I have explored two new parks. One has magnificent trees and a creekbed; the other has a pond and a bike trail. Both have playgrounds with merry-go-rounds and both are near our favorite ice cream place.

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