Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Like My Tulips

I have been sick with a horrible cold for the last week. Taking lots of time to rest and do "nothing" has been very calming to my nervous system. I feel quieter than I have in a long time.

Every day I am cheered by the trees leafing out and new blooms in my flowerbeds. I am so glad now that I went to the trouble to plant more bulbs last November!

My tulips especially make me smile. I admire them. In fact, I want to be just like them. Poor things have been snowed on, blasted with winds, iced in, nibbled by rabbits, pummeled with hail, frosted night after chilly night. Every time I see their heads drooping pitifully and their stems bending wearily, I think, This will surely do them in. But there they stand the next morning, just as tall and straight and strong as ever.

I want to be like my tulips: resilient, bright, vibrant.

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