Tuesday, February 5, 2013

On Letting Go of God

For Testimony Tuesday, I'd like to introduce you to actress and writer Julia Sweeney. Julia's voice kept me company on a drive to Kansas City last spring and I loved her immediately. So much that I listened again on the way back. Again with my husband. And then with my 9-year-old, who was also captivated. For weeks, she would beg on the way to school, "Can we listen to more of Letting Go of God?"

Click here to listen to the opening story in Julia's delightful and humorous monologue performance.

I could relate to so much of Julia's journey--evaluating the Church after staring down cults, exploring the historical origins of the Biblical canon, seeking to distill the truth out of the whole ancient package of Judeo-Christianity, considering the attractions of other belief systems, the natural progression from religious to scientific discovery, and learning to think in new ways. After years of trying to make the pieces fit, sometimes being honest with one's self and one's family means admitting it doesn't work.

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  1. What a truly enjoyable listen Sweeney is. I listened to the full two hours while I worked last night.